Monday, June 6, 2011

Found on eBay: Douglas Model 2067

Douglas Model 2067 factory model from the late 1950s found on eBay. The Model 2086 was a Douglas Aircraft Company proposal for what became the DC-9 airliner.


Seller's description:
In this auction you are bidding on a DOUGLAS FACTORY MODEL of the 1962 [sic] DC-9 model 2067 proposal. This is probably one of the RAREST models I have ever owned. This WOOD desktop display model of this EARLY, 4-ENGINE VERSION of the DC9 passenger jet transport is in House Colors livery and includes the ORIGINAL STAND and SWIVEL! Many of the EARLY Douglas Factory Models were made in wood. This VINTAGE model is ALL ORIGINAL and, other than a few age-related hairlines (from age, not damage!), it is in EXCELLENT PLUS to NEAR MINT condition with VERY LITTLE WEAR in the ORIGINAL PAINT AND DECALS, as can be seen in the pics. The length is a LARGE 17 1/4 inches and the wingspan is about 16 inches, which makes it scale. The ORIGINAL METAL STAND is included.

This particular model was originally owned by aviation historian Terry Waddington and featured in his classic and definitive book, McDonnell Douglas DC-9, part of the Great Airliners Series. Fred Cox, the DC-8 guru, also owned this model at one time. You can read more about it on his website at and This terrific aircraft model was made by the Douglas Factory, one of the premier modelmakers, such as Pacific Miniatures (PacMin), Westway, Space, W.J. Hyatt, Topping, Rolen, Precise, Air Jet Advance, Raise Up, Osgaard, Fermo, Verkuyl, Allyn, and Atlantic Models. These travel agency or factory type models would be used on a ticket counter or corporate office. The early ones were made of metal by such companies as the Lockheed Factory Model Shop, Nucci, and others.


Exterior dimensions:
Length: 103 ft (31.39 m)
Wingspan: 94 ft (28.65 m)

Interior dimensions:
Length: 71 ft (21.64 m)
Width: 124 in (315 cm)
Height: 81 in (206 cm)

Maximum take-off weight: 120,000 lb (54,431.04 kg)

Cruising altitude: 35,000 ft (10,668 m)

Cruising speed: 520-580 mp/h (837-933 km/h)

Range: 2,500 miles (4,023 km) at max. takeoff weight

Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney JTF10A-1 fan jet

Thrust per engine: 8,250 lbs (3,752 kg) static thrust

Wing configuration: 30 degree sweep-Back with control & stabilizing systems similar to the DC-8. However, the Addition of high lift leading edge slats which would allow shorter take-off and landing distances.

Cockpit arrangement: Same as the DC-8.

Passenger configuration/Capacity:
All First Class: 68 passengers in four abreast seating*
All Coach Class: 96 passengers in five abreast seating*
* Both configurations using Douglas "Palomar Unitized" seats, as in the DC-8, with the Passenger Service Units (light, air vent, flight attendant call button) located inside the seat next to each passenger, rather than above the seats.

Additional feature: A self-contained stairway at the forward entry door for quicker turn-around times.

Estimated price: $3 million US dollars


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