Thursday, May 26, 2011

Found on eBay: Lockheed GL 136 B-1

Model of Lockheed GL 136 B-1 tilt-wing assault transport found on eBay.

Seller's description:
We offer for auction a rare one off prototype model made by Lockheed from around the late 1950′s or early 1960′s. This model is made from painted wood, it has a 22″ wingspan & is approx. 16″ long. The propeller nose cones are aluminum & it has a wooden base with a slightly rusted steel support stem. There is a bronze plaque on the base that reads ” GL 136 B-1 Assault Transport Lockheed Aircraft Corp. Georgia Division Marietta Georgia” I think this was a proposal & never built, I cannot find any information about this aircraft. The model comes in it’s original wooden carrying case. The model when we found it was dirty, it also had some surface paint cracks were the tip tanks were mounted to the wings & some other areas. The markings which seemed to be hand painted were smudged in a couple of spots & a number of the prop blades were detached. We gave this model to a master model maker that made similar model for the airlines & the military. He cleaned it up & touched up the areas needing work. This was not a major job & it is almost impossible to see any restoration. This is a beautiful professional design model & one of a kind model. The wooden carrying case measures approx. 28″ x 20″ x 12″ & is quite heavy.

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